Does Train ride induces creativity?

Everyone has their favorite place to write: it might be at that little table in Starbucks, in the bathtub, in the car; at the office…favorite places are as many as there are people.

Evelina Galli

In Tiger print Komarov top

I have read about Catherine de Great that she had a tiny room where she liked to write her letters and about Pushkin that he liked to write in his bed…it made me think where do you write your blogs? Do you have a special place where you feel you can think better than anywhere else?

Mine happens to be at my desk, but after hearing resent announcement by Amtrak that they will give long-distance travel accommodations to 24 writers as a part of their residency program, made me fantasize about writing on a train…I think I want to test that idea by taking a train from LA to Santa Barbara and just try to write my blog posts from there and see what happens.

I am really curious if any of you have  tried it and what results you’ve got?

Exclusive Interview with SHELLEY KOMAROV on working with Matthew McConaughey

Evelina Galli:

Congratulations to Oscar Winners!

Originally posted on komarovstyle:

Below please find our exclusive interview with Shelley Komarov on designing for Oscar nominee and Golden Globe Winner, Matthew McConaughey.


How would you say designing for fashion models differs from designing costumes for the bank robbers in The Newton Boys?  How would you describe their style?

When you work on a movie, you design to match the character. The events in this picture take place in 1920s, so you define the character and the dress according to the period. Matthew’s character was supposed to become dandy dressed, so I made a lot of suits and shirts for him. At the same time, you design according to the evolution of the character. In the case of Matthew’s character, it moved from poor to wealthy as more and more banks have been robbed.

You were lucky enough to catch Matthew McConaughey in the beginning of his career, what was it like working…

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Health Thursday: Relaxing baths

One of the best ways to pumper yourself is to take a bath, put on a nice music  and light up some candles. Warm water helps muscles to relax . Relaxed muscles send signal to the brain, that “everything is fine you can relax” and brain follows the body and slowly calms down.

The whole experience can only improve by adding some aromatic salts into the water.

Here is one of my favorite  DIY recipes ( I absolutely love the smell of rose in this!)

  • Dried rose petals
  • Rose water or rose essential oil
  • 1 cup Epsom salt
  • 2/3 cup powdered milk

Mix ingredients together and add a scoop to the bath water .

It is great for skin, mind and spirit, try and let me know :)

evelina galli wearing dress

Wearing Red flower print resort dress by

Travel Tuesday: Las Vegas

Regardless if you are visiting Las Vegas for work or pleasure it is a fascinating city to be in.

My recent trip to Magic Show (fashion trade show) reminded just how amazing it is.

evelina galli

With my first fashion family: fashion design iteacher _Andre Milman and fashion Illustration teacher Irina Ivanova…a truly fun reunion!

For people who have never been there I would highly recommend it , just because of it’s unique quality “A true oasis ” in the middle of nowhere. It just a great example of peoples creativity and ingenuity.


My favorite hotel there is Encore/ Wynn they both have similar esthetic with a color heavily based in red.

wynnI can never have enough red, so when I am there I feel like I am in heaven :)

encore las vegas

red heaven :)

Time Management Monday: Start With Why

A great book I’ve been reading lately is START WITH WHY by Simon Sinek.  It’s great for business owners or just people looking to make an impact in the world.

He goes through various examples of famous people or companies and why they are more profitable, have loyal customers and have repeated success compared to other companies.  He talks about defining WHY you are doing something and using that to fuel ALL your business choices and ideas.  If you are a computer company, rather than having a goal to make money, start with why you have a computer company.  Maybe you want to make people’s lives easier?  So make each and every business decision come from the place of making people’s lives easier.

I think this is a fun and different way to think about your career, goals and life in general!

Sunday Inspiration

Sunday Inspiration is a time to rest, reflect and appreciate what’s around us.

For this week I have quote from Theodore Roosevelt: “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

It’s easy to give up when doubt stares you in the face.  But just remember that believing you can do something is half that battle.  I find that once I believe in something, it is easier to motivate myself to do it.  And the more we do the closer we are to completing our goals.


Saturday Entertainment: Oscar Party

For Saturday Entertainment I wanted to share some ideas about hosting an Oscar party. The Oscars are taking place Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 and it’s going to be a great show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.  Here are some ideas to make your party great.

1-Make sure to print ballots of all the awards so your guests have something to do when they first arrive.

2-Have wine and beer options but then have a signature cocktail that is in theme with one of the movies.  Maybe a HER-tini made with vodka and cherry juice.  Or an American Hustle Highball of Jack and Coke.  Or if that’s too much pick up some Wolf Among the Weeds  by Golden Road Brewery for all of your Wolf of Wall Street fans.

3-I find lasagna is a great dish to make for parties in front of the TV.  It’s relatively easy and you can make a couple different kinds for various dietary needs.  Add a quick and easy salad so everyone gets their greens.

Most of all, make sure to invite good people and you’ll be sure to have a good time.

Food Friday: Garlic Parmesan Cheese Dip

When I have a party to go to, and I don’t have time to cook, I love to bring my favorite Garlic Parmesan Cheese Dip.  It’s very easy to make and is delicious!

Take an 8oz con­tainer of soft­ened cream cheese and mix in 1/3 cup of Parmesan cheese and a 1/2 tea­spoon of garlic powder.  Mix everything thor­oughly so every­thing is well com­bined. You can serve imme­di­ately or let it chill for a few hours (to let the fla­vors meld together a bit)

Also-make sure to serve with a delicious cracker and maybe even some fruit preserves!

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 4.19.22 PM

Healthy Thursday: Blueberry Smoothie

For Healthy Thursday I want to share one of my favorite protein shakes.  It balances sweetness with heartiness and it packed with nutrients!

1 banana
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup Almond milk
2 T almond butter
1 T Chia Seeds

Put all items in blender.  Blend. Enjoy!  If you end up using fresh blueberries makes sure to add a few pieces of ice!

blueberry smoothie

Design Wednesday: Fashion Week

For Design Wednesdays I am going to post designs that I find beautiful or inspiring.  Because it is Fashion week in NY I’m going to share my favorite look from last week.  It was a look from J Mendel that has so much deal I had to take a double-take.


This look is also great because it’s so versatile.  I could pair it with a black blazer for day meetings or wear it alone for a cocktail on the town.  I haven’t seen anything quite like this and the detail is so engaging.