Design Wednesday: Fashion Week

For Design Wednesdays I am going to post designs that I find beautiful or inspiring.  Because it is Fashion week in NY I’m going to share my favorite look from last week.  It was a look from J Mendel that has so much deal I had to take a double-take.


This look is also great because it’s so versatile.  I could pair it with a black blazer for day meetings or wear it alone for a cocktail on the town.  I haven’t seen anything quite like this and the detail is so engaging.

New Year New LOVE !

I am very excited about my collaboration with !

Komarov Clothing was founded almost 15  years ago by Shelley Komarov, a talented costume designer with 4  Emmy Awards under her belt.

Evelina Galli Komarov

In a beautiful and wrinkle-free Komarov dress

Shelley started this company to help women travel in style with wrinkle free clothes. In her line of work as a costume designer, dressing stars such as Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Matthew McConaughey , George Clooney and many more, she travelled quite often. During her trips around the world she was constantly facing the challenge of dealing with wrinkled clothes. After years of research and experiments, Shelley created the Komarov line.

All of the clothes in the Komarov line are made by hand in the USA with specially developed technology. They are pleated and secured with extreme heat (allows for a little elasticity), so no matter how the clothes fold there will be no wrinkles, and they fit comfortably on any body shape!

Why am I extremely excited to collaborate with Komarov? :

LOVE taking Komarov with me when I travel!

During my travels I always face a dilemma because:

  • I want more options for outfits: What if the weather changes? What if I spill wine on my only dress? What if I change my mood?
  • It is always a hassle to check in the bags, than hope and pray that you will get it back (I received my luggage days later after I came back from Rome, thank God it was not lost!)
  • Another issue is packing nice dresses and by the time you take them out of your suitcase, they look unrecognizable because of the amount of wrinkles!

Komarov solves all of these dilemmas for me! I pack up to 7 dresses and 6 tops in my carry on, fit them alongside 2 pairs of shoes, toiletries and intimate wear. (This is good for an entire week!)

And the best part? When I take them out of the suitcase, they look Fresh and Ready to party!

evelina galli komarov

Another fabulous Komaorov dress

Styling à la Florentine

When you enter a city trough the medieval gigantic doors, you know it is a special place.

Firenze (Florence)  is an epitome of the Italian Renaissance where even the hotels are built with the Renaissance in mind.


When the hotel room has a Renaissance themed frescoes on the walls, it must be Florence!


Florence has a very distinct style.

It is an open air museum that would take a visitor a few months to experience and appreciate all the gems that this city has to offer.

One of the least touristy places is the Medicis’ villa. There are so many primary spots that I think the Medicis’ villa hardly gets any traffic.

It is a unique feeling to experience such historical locations in a Zen atmosphere.


In this Zen environment, I have stumbled upon the most beautiful movie theater ever!IMG_1998

Doesn’t it just look fascinating?


It just needs a popcorn and a soda machine!

Talk about Form NOT Following the FUNCTION!


And if the movie is boring, one can always look up to the “sky” for more action!


What do you think? Would you like a home theater à la Florentine ?

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Falling in love in the Springtime Paris…

Evelina Galli Collection

It is amazing ,what you can find in the old archives!…I have discovered my very first collection that I made from  Burlap and Silk yarn…as a 16-year-old student in design school.

The only cheap fabric that I could find was Brown Burlap (It is the material that potato sacks are made of), but since Brown is NOT my favorite color (at least for clothes)…I’ve bleached it and  amazingly it turned into this soft, cream color fabric that was very pleasant to touch and had a silky sheen to it.

Evelina Galli Collection

At that time I was also really into crocheting, so the only embellishment I have used was the crochet pieces from the silk yarn.

Evelina Galli Collection

The shape  inspiration for this collection was the Period of the Renaissance and The Mood was Falling in Love in the Springtime Paris…somehow made perfect sense for me at that time…

Evelina Galli Collection

These pictures were my very first pictures taken with a professional camera with film. I was so excited!…I can’t find all the shots, but still happy to find these.

Evelina Galli Collection

The scene was a rooftop of the hospital where my friend was working, I really liked the color of the stones and blue of the sky…

Evelina Galli Collection

…Models were very sweet and were trying to help me as much as they could,

Evelina Galli Collection

didn’t even mind smoking and drinking their soda, while sitting on the roof.

It still is my all time favorite collection…because it was the first and made with love :)


Till next time,



Thunder Perfect Mind….

Poems are not highly popular these days unless they take the form of lyrics and appear as a song. But there are classics that certainly will withstand the changing times, like the “The Thunder Perfect Mind.”

Evelina Galli…Why am I certain?

Because it already did.

I stumbled upon it in one of my favorite perfume ads (my guilty pleasure).

It is a perfume ad for Prada and I keep watching it over and over, it was just so hypnotizing…. and of course, watching Daria Werbowy in Prada clothes can have a similar effect :)

But this was special… the words were puzzling and alluring and seductive and weird.

So I wanted to find out what it was.

The poem was apparently discovered only recently in 1945, but some scholars date it back to 350 C.E. It comes from Alexandria (Ancient Egypt) and talks about a feminine divine nature. It is believed to be about the expression of the goddess Isis .

It is very long, so I will give you just a taste of it.

I was sent forth from the power,

and I have come to those who reflect upon me,

and I have been found among those who seek after me.

Look upon me,  who reflect upon me,

and you hearers, hear me.

You who are waiting for me, take me to yourselves.

And do not banish me from your sight.

For I am knowledge and ignorance.

I am shame and boldness.

I am shameless; I am ashamed.

I am strength and I am fear.

I am war and peace.

Give heed to me.

I am the one who is disgraced and the great one.

Do you have a LIFE?….

Lunch with my girlfriend…Evelina Galli-”I have Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,Yahoo! MSN,Skype,WhatsApp,…”

-”Seriously?!!!…Do you have a LIFE?”

-”OMG! NO ! Send me the link ! “

Evelina Galli


Otis Fashion Show

At Beverly Hilton before the Otis Students’ Fashion Show.

Evelina Galli

Otis has been my second home since I moved to Los Angeles. First for 3 years as a student and then for almost 7 years as an Instructor. Annual Otis Fashion Shows make me feel like I am visiting my family! So many people dear to my heart and of course fabulous (fashion mom) Rosemary Brantley!

This year’s show started in a really cool way, with clothes inspired by Disney’s new movie “Monsters University”: kids’ clothes, parents’ clothes, students’ clothes!…Clothes for the entire family that you can jump and dance and run around in.


942982_608099542533723_199179450_nSome other highlights included: garden wedding dresses …946721_608101425866868_1695574591_n


…followed by some fun “masquerade” inspired lingerie  428608_608101982533479_1478810458_n

But the true gem and highlight of the show was a gemstone colored velvet collection crystallized with  Swarovski crystals and  produced under Bob Mackie’s mentorship.

OMG!..What a breathtaking scene it was! Like being a child and watching a Glam Hollywood Movie for the first time and having goosebumps all over my skin! …I could not help myself…






I really wanted those dresses!…All of them!…but especially the very last one…with Crystals on the tulle!..

I want to have that and then worry about where to wear that number!

…aren’t these amazing?

Much love!


All Fashion Show Pictures are courtesy of Miguel Reyes.

“Modern Tribes” by Woodbury University’s Students

May is always exciting in LA, with the parade of Fashion Shows from graduating students at various art schools!

Friday night was Woodbury University’s Fashion Show at the Center Studios in Downtown  Los Angeles (where they shoot Mad Men!).

Evelina Galli

Moi …before the show…full of anticipation

With a cool Downtown vibe ,it was one of the hottest tickets in town.

EG photo

From left to right:
My fabulous friends:Designer Coco Lancelotti and Perfume creator Sophie Lee

Only two short years ago Kathryn Hagen (my “fashion mom”), became the Chair of the Fashion Design Department at Woodbury University and the results speak for themselves!

Kathryn Hagen(in red coat) with her students and Jared Gold(with the plaid shirt)

Kathryn Hagen(in red coat) with her students and Jared Gold(with the plaid shirt)

Students under the guidance and mentorship of such talented LA Designers as Eduardo Lucero, Jared Gold, Eddie Bledsoe and many more, created and produced original designs that were creative and unique with a young rebellious spirit!


Swimsuit inspired by race car designs

EG photo

From swimsuits to period costumes, clothes looked fun and exciting! This Fashion Show established Woodbury’s Fashion Department as one of the serious players among Los Angeles’ Fashion Design Schools, alongside the OTIS and FIDM.

w1 wm1

…Modern Tribes…bohemian, steam punk, grunge inspired pieces…IMG_6874


EG photo

Period Costumes

…and the proper Victorian Costumes to waltz in style :)


Pippi Longstocking

I was so happy to be reminded by Sonja Durand of Pippi Longstocking yesterday!

Evelina Galli

She is one of my favorite heroes!

It is a super cute story about the red-haired, freckle-faced Pippi Longstocking, I’m sure many of you remember her!

A lucky little girl ,who lives with a horse and a monkey at the edge of a Swedish village. She has upside-down braids and no parents to tell her what to do!

She is a female version of a Peter Pan, who does not want to grow up!

I wonder if that desire to stay forever 12 lives deep inside everyone?

Would you want to go back and stay as a child all your life?