Mad Men inspiration


Man Men TV series ended, with it my reason to ever watch TV. I absolutely loved the show:from its writing to the costumes, everything was great!  This last season I fully watched on the iTunes. It’s ending made me think more about the relevance of television in general.


I feel TV in its traditional sense is dead and online media is slowly but surely is taking its place: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube…you name it…why do we need that big box anymore when we can order exactly what we want and when we want it?

Mad Men inspired pink suit on Evelina Galli

My Mad Men inspired pink suit

Does regular TV has any chances to survive or its days are numbered? I wonder  what do you think?

Easter, Steve Jobs and Facebook

I don’t watch a lot of TV these days, since I only have Netflix, and I normally don’t watch it either for the lack of time, so when I finally got time this weekend, I went on a “movie binge” and watched 2 movies back to back!

I watched Steve Jobs and The Social Network (both for the first time I must say).

Loved both movies!

Not because of cinematography or costumes, that I usually gravitate towards, but for the inspiring stories. Both of the characters Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg had something in common which made both of them not only eccentric and socially awkward characters but something else that let them change the world in a way that was never done before.

What were those unifying characteristics?

I would summarize it as -” the passionate belief in the impossible”!

That was something that Christian religion introduced more than 2000 years ago. It was something that I always treated as part of the beautiful legend without even ever understanding what it really meant.

Now I have learned from the “tech gods” that It is essentially the belief in the” limitless possibilities”…Both Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg dared to believe in the impossible with such conviction and passion that people around them thought they are crazy.

The truth is they were able to acheive the impossible and unify the world that has never done before.

How does it relate to Christianity?

It connects with the belief of the resurrection of the Christ. Resurrecting from death is the most impossible thing on Earth. If you truly belief that Christ resurrected it means that “impossible is nothing” and that is exactly what great thinkers “..the misfits, …the rebels, …the crazy ones” believe in.

Let me know your thoughts,

Happy Easter Everyone!

evelina galli

Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and 90’s Fashion

It was a girls’ movie night and me and my girlfriend found a film on Netflix that was really hard to resist,

Evelina Galli

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993), none of us saw it before! But the magical combination of Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp made it hard to resist for too long! As a bonus, it was directed by Alan Parker!

90’s fashion is so important now, and this was a great film to get inspired!…Acid washed jeans, over-sized denim jackets, cotton flat Mary Jane’s , John Deer hats, plaid shirts tied at the waist!…We had a blast!

Evelina Galli

I should not forget to say that it was a brilliant story, which showed the most beautiful relationships, love and care in the most unlikely circumstances …a bit moody, romantic, funny and heart warming all at the same time.

images MV5BMTQ0NjYzNTI1MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjQzNTY3Mw@@._V1._SX640_SY943_I speculate that Johnny Depp sleeps in the fridge and that’s why he doesn’t age. Leonardo DiCaprio was only 13 in the movie and aged in the most graceful way since then, and it made me put Great Gatsby on my Next Movie to Watch list!

…Do you have a favorite 90’s movie, especially one with great 90’s fashion?